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June's Story

“I’ve never gone to a gym – I’m starting at a very late age!
Care Forward - June's Story
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Just six months after June’s husband died, she found herself in hospital after a fall.

She joined Care Forward as a client soon after, commencing the Home Independence Program (HIP) to improve the strength and range of movement in her limbs and joints.

The HIP is an intensive reablement service, using a team of health professionals (including nurses, exercise physiologists and occupational therapists) to help restore independence for clients and avoid unnecessary admissions to higher-level, more costly services.

“After my fall, I couldn’t move my shoulder or my wrist very well at all,” June said.

What is an exercise physiologist?

Exercise physiologists are University-qualified Allied Health professionals who provide exercise and lifestyle support for people with chronic diseases and injuries to treat and manage these conditions.

Working together with Care Forward’s team of exercise physiologists (EPs), June soon began to see a marked improvement – firstly due to the custom-designed exercise program developed by her EPs, then as an active participant in exercise classes.

“They [Care Forward’s Exercise Physiology classes] were a great help. The exercise physiologists came and visited me and then introduced me to the weekly classes.

“I’ve noticed a big improvement since I started. If I miss a class, I can really feel the difference – they keep me moving.

“I’ve never gone to a gym – I’m starting at a very late age!

“It’s very friendly and I enjoy meeting everyone here.”

Exercise is for everyone, regardless of age or health status.

Care Forward’s Exercise Physiology classes are a fun and inclusive way to improve your health in a safe environment, supported by our team of dedicated and friendly health professionals.

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