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Care Forward is a locally owned and operated organisation, specialising in health and homecare services designed to support the independence of older Tasmanians and people living with chronic conditions or disabilities.

For 21 years we’ve been providing care and support to people in their homes across Tasmania. Our dedicated and passionate team includes nurses, allied health professionals and home independence support staff – all working to support and restore independence, health and wellbeing to thousands of Tasmanians across the State.

What makes us different?

What sets Care Forward apart is our focus on wellness and “reablement”.
We don’t just provide care.

We aim to support our clients to reach the point where they no longer need our services.

What makes Care Forward different to other providers?

Value for money

Choice Flexibility

Clinical oversight 


Direct access to allied health

Past. Present. Forward. 

Our story began in 1996, when three local registered nurses from the greater Hobart region began working together as Care Coordinators for the Southern Tasmanian Coordinated Care Trial, Careworks.

Careworks was one of a series of 3-year trials across Australia to test a brand-new approach to the coordination of care for older people with complex health care and service needs across general practice, home and hospital settings.

The Careworks model used health professionals as independent, dedicated Care Coordinators working closely with GPs in multidisciplinary teams to perform comprehensive assessment, care planning, service brokerage, care monitoring and review of client care provision.

Inspired by this approach, Merryl Lane, Judy Aldridge and Robyn Hawson founded Care Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd in 1999, which later began trading as Care Forward.

Since its inception Care Forward has continued to grow in size, reach and service.

We have evolved from care coordinators into a unique blend of service provision, information and coordination, with the aim of maximising each persons’ independence, wellbeing and confidence at home. We don’t just provide and coordinate care and services, we empower our clients to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

We are locally owned and operated.

We’re still locally owned and operated 
Care is coordinated across Tasmania
Nurses continue to lead our service provision
A continued commitment to moving your health and home care forward

We will continue expanding and diversifying our in-home services and increasing the range of services available in our Wellness Centres such as strength and balance classes or health information sessions led by our team of health professionals.

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