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A word of thanks

Our Managing Director Joe Towns recently addressed, thanked and acknowledged all staff, encouraging them to keep up with the amazing work in the midst of the incredibly challenging circumstances we are all facing during Covid-19.

"Hi Everyone,

I hope this finds you well and staying safe in the midst of all the franticness and challenging times we face.

I wanted to reach out to all of our staff at this time, when all of us are experiencing less social and personal contact with one another.

As we go through another week of managing and doing the very best we can during this pandemic and crisis…

I wanted to, firstly, acknowledge the amazing work that you are all doing.

For those of you who are delivering vital services in the community for our clients,

And for those of you who are coming in to work at our offices, keeping our organisation running…

· You are on the front line of this crisis, maintaining essential care to the most vulnerable members of our community.

· The work you are doing is crucial, and you are needed now more than ever.

· Your commitment to our clients, their care and safety, is incredibly appreciated.

· Thank you for continuing to put yourself out there at this time of risk, continuing to go out into the community to make sure our clients are safe, supported and well.

· It is a heroic thing that you are doing, and you truly deserve a debt of gratitude from us all.

· Thank you so much!

And for those of you working from home…

· We have also been required to have as many of you as is practical to work from home.

· And I want to acknowledge that this also comes with its own significant changes to how you work.

· Thank you so much for rising to this and taking on the challenges it creates.

· Despite the difficulties, the uncertainty, and the issues this throws up, you are exemplifying the flexibility, the professionalism, the integrity that our Company values so much.

Secondly, I wanted to provide assurance that we as a company are committed to you.

· We want to do everything we can to support you, in whatever way is possible.

· We are committed to serving you and protecting your safety to the best of our ability.

· If you are struggling, please communicate to us; talk with management.

· We are here to help. We may not be able to completely fix the problem, but we can always make things a bit better.

· You remain our top priority and focus at this time.

And lastly, I wanted to say keep up the good work!

· We need to keep focusing on and prioritising the health and safety of each other and our clients.

· Our people – you and our clients – are the most important thing to us all.

· So, let’s all keep up the collaboration, the commitment to the amazing things we are doing and achieving together.

It’s hard to pick any industry that is not under extreme pressure at the moment.

We really are in the midst of a battle, along with the entire planet, against this pandemic.

For us, in our industry, this is game on, now more than ever.

All the more, we need to keep pulling together and staying the course.

So once again, my absolute heartfelt thanks and appreciation and gratefulness to you all!

Stay safe and strong, keep communicating and keep up the good work one and all."


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