Nurses can focus on providing quicker and more personalised treatment to seniors, which is a major focus for Care Forward in Tasmania.

According to a new Australian project has found, focusing on customer excellence.

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of the aged-care sector and improve interaction between aged-care facilities and hospitals. Like Care Forward’s post hospital home support services (CHSP and Tas HACC funded), the project aims to decrease hospital and emergency admission rates for elderly people and reduce their length of stay, while improving staff and patient satisfaction.

Emergency departments can be confusing, noisy and quite dangerous places for frail older people: “We’re making sure they spend as little time as possible in that environment, and can quickly access the specific kind of care they need…”

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If you’re into health and aged care prevention, diet and nutrition is clearly important for clients needing care at home.

Care Forward is into health and aged care prevention and that's why diet and nutrition is important to promote for clients needing care at home.

Care Forward is into health and aged care prevention.

And light drinking could reduce stroke a new study found. Up to two alcoholic drinks per day may reduce the risk of the most common type of stroke by almost a tenth. But that’s where any potential benefit from alcohol consumption and stroke risk stops!

Like most, Tasmanians still drink way too much. ‘Alcohol consumption can lead to high blood pressure and an irregular heart’ and ‘clearly associated with an increased risk of stroke’…

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Our strength to strength exercise program changes its name to “Up and About” as it transitions from funding under Primary Health Tasmania.

A great opportunity for a competition recently at Care Forward: Our strength to strength program needed to change name as it transitions from funding under Primary Health Tasmania to a Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) activity under Allied Health Care and Therapy.

Up and About – New Exercise Program: Care Forward, Tasmania

Up and About – New Exercise Program: Care Forward, Tasmania


We received a fantastic response to the naming competition.


And the winner is: “Up and About” submitted by Cam Treloar!!


Thanks to everyone who participated. We had over 70 suggestions!


Some of my personal favourites (which couldn’t be used) included “JerryActive” and “Death Dodgers”.


Here is the total list of suggestions – but make sure you read it standing up with squats:


  1. Strive4Strength
  2. REAP (Regular Exercise Activity Program)
  3. Backin2Life
  4. Back2Basics
  5. Exercise12forLife
  6. Fit-4-Ever
  7. Activate your activity
  8. Activity through the ages
  9. Activity for Aging Adults
  10. Fit and Flexible
  11. Too fit to be old (T.F.O)
  12. Golden Oldies Staying Strong (G.O.S.S)
  13. Staying Well Over Time (S.W.O.T)
  14. Alive n Kicking
  15. Fit n Fab the senior addition (F.F.S)
  16. Build Your Bones (B.Y.B)
  17. Forever Young
  18. Still going strong
  19. Forever Fit
  20. Grey, Gallant and Gorgeous
  21. Move Forward
  22. Active through action
  23. Move it, don’t lose it
  24. Strength for seniors
  25. Strength and balance
  26. Fun and function
  27. Alive and Active
  28. Staying Strong
  29. Stay Strong and Independent
  30. GAIN – Group Activities for Independence and Networking
  31. GAIN – Gain Ability for Independence and Networking
  32. GAIN – Group Activity Individualised and Networking
  33. ACT – Activate, Condition and Transform
  34. FACT – Function, Activate, Condition and Transform
  35. FAST – Fitness, Ability, Strength and Transform
  36. FAST – Fitness, Ability, Stability and Transformation
  37. SMART – Strength, Motivate, Ability, Rehabilitation and Transformation
  38. Motivate Me or Motiv8 Me
  39. Motivate, Activate, Accelerate and Elevate
  40. Activate and Accelerate
  41. Activate and Elevate
  42. Motivate and Activate
  43. Barrier busters
  44. Death Dodgers
  45. Boot camp ‘Seniors suck it up’
  46. P2S (Plan 2 succeed)
  47. Aging with attitude
  48. Death defyers
  49. Fall no more
  50. SSS- Strong Sassy Seniors
  51. Exercise with attitude
  52. Exercise 2 Independence (E2I)
  53. “Move Forward” or “Moving Forward” (to link in with our brand J)
  54. “Move it or lose it”
  55. “Stay young stay active”
  56. The Boomers Class or just “Boomers”, the “Boomers Program”
  57. “Active Masters”
  58. “Active Sages”
  59. ‘Staying Stronger, Living Longer’
  60. Super seniors
  61. Seniors with Swagger
  62. Fit for/4 life
  63. Up and About
  64. Better Living
  65. Fit for Fun , or Fun and Fit
  66. Keep Moving, Keep grooving
  67. Active and Awesome
  68. Active and Able
  69. Exercise for Everyone
  70. L.I.F.E program  (longevity, improvement/independence, fun/function, exercise)
  71. M.O.V.E program ( MObility, vitality, exercise)
  72. Forward Movers
  73. Stronger for Longer


John is your everyday caregiver, giving help at home for his wife Alzheimer’s disease.

Help at home for wandering? Perfect for Tasmania!

Help at home for wandering? Perfect for Tasmania!


At times, she becomes disorientated and often wanders. Like many typical Tasmanians, he has farmland on one side, beach and parks on the other (could be Burnie, could be Devonport, could be Hobart!) So it could take a minute for his wife to wander and he’d have no idea where to start to look for her. “I could drive around anxious with worry for a good hour and a half,” says John.

Then John found the Find-me Tunstall carers watch and realised he had a complete solution on his hands, quite literally!

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Mrs Jago is a 90 year old who lives with her husband who is 91. They live independently in their own home and receive some services from VHC, as her husband served in World War Two.


Mrs Jago was referred to Care Forward for Exercise Physiology services after receiving a My Aged Care Home Support Assessment. This assessment identified concerns with her strength and balance, which in turn affected her mobility.


Before starting the program, Mrs Jago’s primary obstacle to mobility had been her confidence. Through gentle strength and balance activities she became stronger and more confident, and became more mobile. Her husband couldn’t believe the changes he saw in her.


Mrs Jago and Exercise Physiologist

Mrs Jago and Jenna Davie (Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Care Forward)


After completing the program, Mrs Jago could get in and out of the car with ease, walk independently from the car to the back door, manage steps (with assistance) and stand at the kitchen sink without holding on. According to Mrs Jago, this has made a huge difference to her quality of life and she achieved well beyond her goals and expectations.


The clinical results of this program confirmed significant improvement in Mrs Jago’s cardiovascular fitness, strength and balance. These results revealed an improvement in resting blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels; exercising heart rate and oxygen; leg strength; grip strength; muscle endurance; both static and dynamic balance; resulting in a reduced falls risk.


Client Testimonial


All my life I have lived near bushland and have enjoyed and appreciated nature. I enjoyed my walks listening to bird-songs and gazing at the colours of the wildflowers, shrubs and trees. Age, arthritis and a slight stroke ended these enjoyable walks.


I asked for help from ‘My Aged Care’, and was accepted into Care Forward’s Restorative Care Program for which I am very grateful. Beginning with simple exercises and progressing to more difficult ones, my mobility has improved dramatically. Although I still use my walker I have learned to stride instead of ‘tottering’. I can get in and out of bed and from a chair easier and can even go down two steps to get to the sun porch where I can now sit to enjoy reading the paper; which I haven’t been able to do in over 5 years.


Jenna, my Exercise Physiologist was sensitive to the needs of the Aged and treated me with dignity and understanding, yet made plain her expectation of my co-operation. She is an encourager and enthusiastically commends improvement without being patronizing. She is a sincere mentor and is genuinely pleased to see improvement.


Thank you for this program. It has been a means of improving my mobility which is a great blessing to me.


Mrs Jago, Care Forward Client


Harry and Sally worked at the Royal Hobart Hospital for over 20 years. When Harry’s health declined, he wanted to regain his ability to live well and independently at home. As a Registered Nurse, Care Forward‘s Care Coordinator Priscilla was able to make all the difference.

Care Forward is pleased to announce that we have been selected as providers of Primary Health Tasmania’s Strength2Strength program.

We will be providing this program that has been specifically designed to bring health and lifestyle benefits to Tasmanians over the age of 60 in partnership with Primary Health Tasmania.

Anyone can benefit from the assistance of this program, including those with long-term health conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, Parkinsons, diabetes, chronic pain, respiratory and mental health issues.

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Care Forward is a local and leading provider of home care and support, specialising in wellness, reablement and restorative care across Tasmania.

  • Both rural and metropolitan areas across Tasmania
  • A fantastic opportunity to work in a progressive organisation
  • Rewarding positions working within the community as part of a dynamic, multidisciplinary team
  • Flexible hours for the benefit of your work-life balance

Care Forward is seeking expressions of interest from experienced, enthusiastic and self-motivated Registered Nurses for positions (Full time, part time or casual) as Care Coordinators within our Home Care Packages and Home Support Programs across the Southern, Northern and North Western regions in Tasmania.

Successful applicants will be provided with comprehensive training followed by ongoing support and a continuous learning approach to further development by a Regional Manager (RN), and the Services Manager (State-wide).

Requirements include:

  • Qualified registered nurse, with current AHPRA nursing registration
  • Demonstrated experience and skills in care assessment, coordination and management
  • Minimum of two years’ experience in service delivery for the community aged care sector
  • High level interpersonal and communication skills

Express your interest by emailing your CV and a cover letter to Jane Smith (Operations Manager) at To find out more please visit or give us a call – we would love to hear from you.

Download the PDF version 

Care Forward is an innovative provider of home care for older Tasmanians. We are seeking Expressions of Interest from Exercise Physiologists, Registered Nurses and Occupational Therapists for the following positions.

Exercise Physiologists

  • Working with clients in their homes, designing individual exercise programs
  • Contributing to multi-disciplinary care across our programs
  • Conducting exercise classes in the centre
  • Full-time and/or part-time positions available state-wide

Care Coordinators (RNs or OTs)

  • Specialising in clinical management of care for clients in their homes
  • Essential requirements include current AHPRA registration and experience in community care service delivery
  • Part-time positions available in a supportive, dynamic team in the North (Launceston)

Please email your CV to to request a position description.

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